Hello World


This is my new blog, and has been created with three main purposes:

  1. the first one is having a place where i can store the small workarounds and how-tos that I happen to elaborate during the daily usage of my pc
  2. the second one is to exercise my written english,
  3. the third one is familiarizing with wordpress.

I am an enthusiastic GNU/Linux user and I use as a main pc a Dell laptop with a KDE based distro, which happens to be Kubuntu Intrepid 4.2.0 right now. I did stumble upon a number of problems during my continued usage of GNU/Linux and I have often been able to find a solution already written somewhere on a forum or blog. I have decided I should contribute to this by documenting the workarounds I find and publishing the small guides i elaborate.

So here I am, thinking about what will be my first “real” post.



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